• Aquae Calidae

  • Classicists will appreciate Aquae Calidae (Latin for 'hot water') - a contemporary interpretation of the ancient Roman baths in Milan, which takes you through the ancient and now fashionable ritual of hot-cold therapy. Roman-like indulgence is also encouraged (the motto is 'Salus et Otium' - 'health and idleness') but of course it's minus the bacchanalia and plus super-modern architecture.
    \r\nGet into character with a muslin toga in the Apodyterium (changing room), then slip into the Balneae Pensiles (shower rooms) to wash under rain showers. The Tepidarium is a Roman forum-like hall in travertine marble heated to 36°C, with tiered steps around a central fountain.
    \r\nIt's not quite milk baths and peeled grapes, but artful bowls of dried fruit and the restorative sound of running water capture the mood. Next is a 15-minute massage and Adriatic sea-salt scrub by a Tractator (masseur), followed by the 50°C Calidarium, a steam room that's scented with eucalyptus in the winter, fruits in the summer.
    \r\nThe Frigidarium is not so much a plunge pool but an icemaker than churns out crushed ice that you voluntarily rub over yourself - quite literally a refresher in classical civilization.

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  • Aquae Calidae

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